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The Enduro Rubber Company A manufacturer of quality-molded, custom-designed rubber products since 1946.
Enduro Rubber offers
A company-owned line of
White Rubber Golf Tees.
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About Us


When off-the-shelf won't do, turn to Enduro Rubber Company for the answer to your special needs in the molded rubber industry. Whether you need help with production design and prototype work, performance, delivery or quality, Enduro is the answer.


We are specialists in compression and transfer molding, with the flexibility to make lengthy production runs, or even a single heat. Each batch is custom-mixed in our facility and guided from start to finish by experienced, quality personnel.


With more than 50 years experience in the rubber industry, Enduro delivers when it comes to the out-of-the-ordinary.


Our large customer base included world leaders in food and beverage, lighting and industrial controls, with products such as grommets, bellows, gaskets, washers, suction cups, bushings, balls, feet, bumpers, caps, mounts, diaphragms and more. Call us for a quotation the next time you need a quality, custom-made rubber or synthetic rubber part.